It’s no secret that many large companies are inclined to believe that their own employees are the best option as call center agents. Who better to satisfy the customers’ needs than the people who know the company best? Although this may seem like the perfect method from a distance, taking a closer looks allows us to find that in-house call centers come with many unforeseen issues. For one thing, call volume varies tremendously from day-to-day, week-to-week, or month-to-month. Trying to scale a call center program based on call volume can cost a company a fortune in hiring and firing full time employees. In-house call centers may also lack the experience and expertise of a specialized call center business, especially considering much of the staff will have unique backgrounds, and not always in a relevant field. call center outsourcing

Business both large and small wrestle with the decision of outsourcing their call centers, assuming that outsiders could never truly understand the company culture or intimate details of their customer interactions the way they can. What these businesses are failing to realize is that the sole job of an outsourced contact center is to provide superior customer experiences. It is their specialty, their talent, and their only job. Think of it this way: if you ask a manufacturing company to invest $100,000 in their business in whatever manner they feel is would provide them with the highest return, what percentage of the funds would be invested in customer service? Likely little to none– because it’s not the core of their business. However, if you ask that same question to Customer Elation, 100% of the money would be invested back into our client interactions ensuring that we acquire people with expertise, top-of-the-line technology, and PCI & HIPAA regulatory compliance.

The key to success in outsourcing is to find a call center that specializes in like clients. Customer Elation specializes in call types that we describe as both complex and relational: complex because there are many paths that any given call may follow, and relational because of the long-term value of the caller. Companies with these types of calls are often least likely to outsource their call center, but Customer Elation has 23 years of expertise dealing with complicated call types and has developed expertise in navigating complex and relational calls. We strive for first-call resolution using effective and plausible solutions for each caller.