Healthcare-SM Healthcare Call Center

Different healthcare call center programs have different needs. Some of the support we have provided includes help desk, health assessment management, class registration, wellness program enrollment, virtual healthcare enrollment, and physician appointment setting. We have dozens of call center programs and not any two are set up exactly like each other. This customization helps each of our clients meet different goals and provides unique deliverables accordingly.

Customer Elation supports healthcare organizations incorporating the stringent requirements for program support via systems, staff and security of all levels. This includes HIPAA compliance and Medicare/Medicaid compliance. 100% of our employees are HIPAA trained and certified at all times. To us, this means a constant commitment to training and revisiting security processes. Customer Elation is a HIPAA compliant call center which means that your patients’ privacy is as important to us as it is to you.

Our healthcare call center programs are set up for continuous improvement. We do this by having our call center supervisors and corporate account management actively monitor live inbound activity. This hands-on, live monitoring management approach differentiates our call center services from our competitors. Especially in the healthcare call center niche, our team is able to provide better quality control and patient care to each of your inbound callers.