In a world of evCustomer Locationer-changing technology, marketing strategies must continue to evolve in response.  An essential field of marketing nowadays is based on location.  As the mobile industry, particularly smart phone app technology, improves and expands, having correct location information available to customers is crucial to the success of your business.

Aside from the basic notion that you need accurate location data available to customers so that they can physically find your business, there are many tips and unique ways to incorporate location data into your marketing to make it an efficient strategy for reaching clients.


 1. Ensure that your location information is accurate so social media, search engines, and other data amplifiers can spread the word explains how a variety of mobile apps including Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram have location-based features.  Aside from the basic “check-in” ability, many apps make recommendations of nearby places, or send location-based notifications such as neighboring events and happenings to those using the apps.  As long as your location information is correct and distributed to these data amplifying outlets, the audience you reach will continue to grow.

2.  Initiate ads using contextual content

An example of contextual content is described by  Last year, Dunkin’ Donuts, utilizing location data, created a successful contextual content ad entitled “find the fastest coffee.”  Dunkin’ Donuts utilized data regarding walk times to arrive at surrounding restaurant locations in addition to wait times recorded at each location.

This was a creative way to attract customers to the nearest location, ensure that their time would be spent in the most efficient way possible both getting to a location and waiting to place an order, and that their experience with the company through the ad was straightforward and pleasant.

3.  Crowdsource through apps describes an example of crowdsourcing opportunities to take advantage of through location data.  The article explains how GasBuddy, an app showing nearby gas prices, relies primarily on crowdsourced data.  App users can submit the gas prices they observe in nearby areas so fellow consumers can find the cheapest prices.  Depending on your business, this compilation of data can dramatically increase customer participation and interaction with your company, potentially leading to more converting customers down the line.


Technology continues to redefine the field of marketing.  Location services provide new opportunities to interact with and reach customers.  There are endless ideas for how to take advantage of location data, but ensuring that your own company’s location data is accurate and easily accessible is the most essential and basic way to be successful in this marketing field.