US-SM US-Based Call Center

While some companies are lured to offshore call centers by low prices and seemingly appealing short hold times, we find that many of our clients are uninterested in a program that they’re not certain that they can trust. When you choose a call center for your company, you are trusting them to represent your brand to your clients—and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Customer Elation is always striving to be an industry leader in call quality and customer satisfaction, not only providing better quality than foreign call centers, but US-Based call centers as well. What sets us apart is our superior service, years of experience and complete customer care. Here are a few of many reasons why you can feel confident knowing that we are the right choice for you:

  • Five-Star Service. Customer Elation provides a level of attentiveness and service that would seem impossible to an overseas or US-Based call center. We have been implementing and revising our customer contact processes for decades—a claim that not many call centers can make.
  • Top Quality Security and Fraud Protection. With newsworthy security breaches happening on an almost weekly basis, we have made it our mission to keep clients’ data as encrypted as possible to ensure maximum security.
  • Work With The Best. Though offshore pricing may seem appealing at first, many call center clients come to realize that the value of a call center is not in the price—it’s in the process. Each of our call center agents is thoroughly trained by management who understands the intricacies of each client relationship. Our hands-on approach to management and process analysis means we’re always improving; improving call handling, improving custom service, and improving efficiency.

We don’t strive to compete with offshore call center programs. Our goal is to give our clients the highest return on investment in quality. Regardless of the scale of your call center needs or the depth of your company’s needs, Customer Elation provides the highest level of client service and hands-on problem solving—both to you and your customers.