CC-Outsource-SMCall Center Outsourcing

For over 20 years, companies across the country have been trusting Customer Elation to take their calls and manage their relationships. We provide customizable call center services with the capabilities of boutique shop but the capacity of a national call center.

  • We strive for first-call resolution. When your calls are managed correctly the first time, you’ll save time, money and the potential for frustrated customers. Not only does first call resolution improve customer satisfaction, but it also reduces call volume—a double win.
  • Allocate your resources more effectively. Wouldn’t it be nice to outsource your call center to a company who has been in the call center business for years? Rather than using valuable resources for research and development, hiring, technology and trial and error processes, allow Customer Elation’s decades of experience lead the way. Trusting us allows you to invest time and energy into other programs.
  • Utilize our solid, established infrastructure. If your company is considering call center outsourcing, turn to Customer Elation where our cutting-edge, customizable technology has made us leaders in the call center industry for decades. Starting from scratch can leave gaps in service, data breaches, reporting inconsistencies and wasted resources.

Customer Elation’s call center outsourcing is more than just a smart, easy and affordable way to manage your inbound calls. We provide a wide range of services to deliver first-class support to you and your customers. From message forwarding to appointment scheduling or order-taking, our professional call center agents are available around-the-clock, ready to provide exceptional customer service. Whatever your needs, Customer Elation is more than just a typical call center—we’re your call center.