Every business is bound to throw their chips into the battle of quality versus quantity at some point. More specifically, businesses often struggle with the decision of either cost efficiencyspending more money right off the bat for quality or spending less money for more product. The latter may seem enticing at first because of the instant gratification that one may get, but more is not always better.

This is especially true when thinking about the subject of customer service. In this day and age, customers are demanding a new level of service and have neither the time nor the patience for mistakes. Without exceptional customer service customers will be driven away, and with word-of-mouth, losing one customer to a negative experience can mean losing their friends, family and even coworkers as well. The bottom line often comes down to the fact that it takes many fewer resources to fix a quality problem than a quantity problem– because “Quantity has no or little value if the quality is not there.” While a low sticker price may appeal to some at face value, the true value of high quality service lies in the cost efficiency of having good service.

In order to maintain a loyal customer base, it is essential that your business maintain consistency and efficiency. Spending more money than seems necessary can be nerve-wracking but it will end up being the more cost efficient choice, allowing you to save money in the long term. After all, having customers that pay you over and over again is far superior to having to constantly convince customers to pay for your products or services. I urge you to take this into consideration the next time you think about choosing the less expensive option– is it cost efficient, or is it cheap? You can put a dollar sign on how much product you sell and how many quotas you fill, but quality customer engagement is priceless.

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