Call Center Service in Champaign, IL

At Customer Elation, we strive to exceed the expectations of a typical inbound call center. Hiring a call center to answer your calls allows you to capitalize on every inbound call, no matter the date, time or magnitude.

Our dedicated Champaign call center service team has been trained to manage calls for insurance companies, medical practices, hospital systems, inbound orders, outsourced customer service, help lines and many other niches. With our help you can feel confident knowing that crucial parts of your business are being handled promptly, professionally and correctly.

Our Champaign call center offers 217 area code numbers and serves the 61820, 61821, 61822, 61824, 61825 & 61826 zip codes.

Customer Elation knows how much you value your customers and we want to keep them happy just as much as you do. Our tireless staff works day and night to ensure that your customers will be speaking with a cheerful and solution-oriented representative. With 24/7 service you can feel confident knowing that your customers’ inquiries are being addressed, even after hours.

Because we partner with businesses and healthcare communities throughout Illinois, we understand local news, local weather and local pain points for your customers or patients. We keep our finger on the pulse of Champaign business trends, medical practice mergers and breaking news. This allows us to make on-the-fly changes based on situations in your community. Professional industries hire us because we offer the most secure, highly trained, top quality call center available.

Outsourcing your call center can replace the need to hire full-time project managers, supervisors and staff—not to mention the expenses associated with telecom hardware, software and other necessary technology. Customer Elation as been in the call center industry for over 20 years, so we have our scripting, adaptability, and call handling skills down to a science— it’s not about relying on our agents, it’s about relying on our process.