Virtual Receptionist“Trick or treat!” It is a common phrase this time of year, and one that is meant for holiday celebrations. “Tricks” however, can occur anytime during the year, and in any setting, including answering services. What kinds of “tricks” are occurring with answering service agents?

Hanging on after calls end. Customers are typically the ones to end calls. On the agent’s side, however, the line can remain open. If the agent does not press the button to terminate the call, they will not get new calls because it appears they are still working.

Using the ‘IT problem.’ Agents can go offline with the excuse of an IT problem to get a few minutes away from the phones. However, these problems can vary from an unusable computer to a minor issue with a program that is not necessary to take calls.

Ignoring the last call of the day. It can be difficult to answer a call five minutes before the end of the shift. However, this is a critical time to take calls in order to maintain happy customers. At Elation Answering Service you can rely on our answering service agents to skip the tricks and provide reliable service to customers. Read about our services to learn more.

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